Frequently asked questions

At what age can my bubs start eating Biliebubs? 

Our Billiebubs are suitable for babies from the age of 8 months and older. We recommend at 8 months to start with 1 of our breakfasts without pieces such as the banana - cacao.

Where can we get Billiebubs? 

Our products can be bought on our webshop. In addition to the webshop, you can also buy our Billiebubs at one of our retailers. See the retailers tab to find a store near you.

How to prepare Billiebubs? 

Add milk to 30 grams of Billiebubs until you reach the desired consistency. 30 seconds in the microwave and you're done! Attention: always check the temperature before offering to your bubs. 

Can Billiebubs be eaten by my child with allergies?

Our breakfasts do not contain lactose, nuts, eggs and soy, but our oatmeal is processed in a company that also processes gluten. You can prepare Billiebubs with regular milk, lactose-free milk, soy milk, water,... completely tailored to your little bubs needs!