Our story

We met about 5 years ago as colleagues, but soon became good friends. In 2019 we were both pregnant and the birth of our daughters Eléonore and Léonelle only made our bond closer. 

As young moms we share a lot of experiences with each other, including breakfast. Here we were both at a loss because we didn't want to give our daughters a boring sandwich every morning. We started experimenting with the breakfast we like to eat ourselves and built on this idea. After much experimentation, research, analysis and many phone calls back and forth, we can now proudly present: 

Billiebubs, a breakfast based on oatmeal and freeze-dried fruit, for babies starting at the age of 8 months.


Our mission is to give every little bub a great start to the day in a healthy, fast and easy way. Enjoy! 


Lots of love,

Elke & Clara