Banana fruit powder
Banana fruit powder

Banana fruit powder

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Our delicious fruit powder made out of 100% freeze-dried fruit is the perfect companion to your Billiebubs breakfast. Make a surprising sandwich spread with cottage cheese and fruit powder, add a vitamine boost to your yoghurts and smoothies or get creative making fruity pancakes. The possibilities are endless.  


Unique features:

    • Freeze-dried fruit powder is the first organic and 100% natural flavour additive, suited for little kids.

    • Our fruit powder is made entirely out of fruit, does not contain any damaging pesticides and is a high source of fiber

    • Fruit powder is very concentrated and has an intens flavour. A little goes a long way. 1 bag of 75g gets you up to 40 servings!

    • Fruit powder is a natural food colouring.

    • Fruit powder is 100% vegan.